Tuesday, 17.04.2012

15:00 – 18:00      Registration


Wednesday, 18.04.2012

07:30  Registration

08:45  Opening and Welcome


“Technological Influences”
Chairman: B. Araujo

09:00 M. Stoschka, W. Eichlseder: Technological influences on fatigue

09:20 N.A. Giang, A. Bezold, C. Broeckmann: Simulation Of Fatigue Crack Incubation of casted/forged HS6-5-3 tool steel under High Cycle Fatigue

09:40 P. Kainzinger, C. Guster: Estimating Local Fatigue Strength of EN-GJS-400

10:00 R. Basan, T. Marohni?, D. Rubeša, M. Franulovi?: Web-Based material properties and knowledge database - Support for design of efficient and lightweight products

10:20 M. Wohlfahrt, P. Kainzinger, C. Guster: Austempered Ductile Iron – Improvement of Fatigue Behaviour and Application of Casting Simulation

10:40  Coffee Break

Chairman: G. Posch

11:00 M. Leitner, M. Stoschka, S. Barwart: Local fatigue behaviour of welded joints

11:20 M. Kowalschuk, A. Luttmann, M. Jahn, A. Barr, A. Schmidt, A. von Hehl, F.Vollertsen: Challenges in simulation of welded hybrid joints

11:40 R. Schnitzer, M. Fiedler, M. Stoschka, M. Leitner: New developed filler metals for high strength steels

12:00 A. Taras: Fatigue and Fracture Performance of Welded Civil Structures Designed with the Eurocodes – Application, Background, Future Research

12:20 S. Barwart, M. Leitner, C. Oberwinkler: Influence of welded cladding layers on fatigue

12:40  Lunch

“Fatigue Analysis I”
Chairman: C. Guster

13:40 B. Araujo, E. Cañibano, O. del Amo, C. Maestro, A. L. Caminero: Design Optimization of Aeronautical Light Weight Aluminium Structures based on analytical and simulation tools

14:00 A. Mösenbacher, C. Guster: Fatigue behaviour of a short glass fibre reinforced polyamide: Effect of notches and temperature

14:20 H. Bidouard, N. Saintier, T. Palin-Luc, C. Dumas: Effect of overloads in High Cycle Fatigue on a Ferritic-Bainitic steel

14:40 Z. Major, R.W. Lang: Application of Displacement Controlled Fatigue Tests to Elastomers

15:00  T. Elmendlsi: Failure Analysis of Engine Hoisting Lug of Fokker-28

15:20 V. A. Polyanskiy, Y. A. Yakovlev: The material interaction with the solute hydrogen during fatigue failure

15:40  Coffee Break

16:00  Poster Session – Chairman: V. A. Polyanskiy

19:00  Conference Dinner


Thursday, 19.04.2012

“Fracture Mechanics”
Chairman: T. Antretter

09:00 O. Kolednik, J. Predan, J. Zechner, R. Schöngrundner, N. Gubeljak, F.D. Fischer: The Configurational Forces Concept – A New Tool for the Assessment of Cracks and Damage Resistant Design

09:20 J. Maierhofer, R. Pippan, H. P. Gänser: Fitness-For-Purpose Assessment of Drivetrain Components Considering Small Defects and Residual Stresses

09:40 S. Stelzer, A.J. Brunner, A. Argüelles, N. Murphy, G. Pinter: Towards a standardized test method for mode I fatigue crack growth in unidirectional fiber reinforced polymer composites

10:00 N. Gubeljak, J. Predan, O. Kolednik: Improvement of Fatigue Resistance of Al-Alloys by Composite Design

10:20  Coffee Break

“Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue”
Chairman: M. Riedler

10:40 A. Moridi, M. Azadi, G. Winter, G. H. Farrahi, W. Eichlseder: Modeling of high temperature cyclic behavior in aluminum alloy under thermo-mechanical and isothermal fatigue condition.

11:00 P. Raninger, W. Ecker, T. Antretter: Experimental and numerical investigation of damage due to thermo mechanical fatigue of brake disks for railway applications

11:20 M. Azadi, G. Winter, G. H. Farrahi, W. Eichlseder: Cyclic behavior of a cast magnesium alloy under low cycle and thermo-mechanical fatigue

11:40 P. Huter, A. Karolczuk, A. Stanojevic, G. Winter: Automated Parameter Finding Procedure for Material Parameters of TMF-Hystereses

12:00  Lunch

Chairman: F. Grün

13:00 F. Grün, I. Gódor, J. Schiffer, H. Krampl, K. Pondicherry: Tribological testing of lubricated mechanical contacts.

13:20 R. Basan, Z. Vrcan, M. Lengauer, M. Franulovi?, A. Trausmuth: Modelling of tribological conditions during the mesh of Gears Teeth

13:40 T. Christiner, J. Reiser, I. Gódor, W. Eichlseder, F. Trieb, R. Stühlinger: Influence of fretting on the fatigue endurance limit

14:00 B. Strohhäussl, J. Reiser, I. Gódor, F. Grün: Design of test-methodologies for fretting investigations


14:20 A. Trausmuth, I. Gódor, M. Stoschka, A. Dietrich, W. Eichlseder: Fatigue Life Investigations of Different Case Hardened Specimens under Rolling Contact Loading for Gears

14:40  Coffee Break

“Fatigue Analysis II”
Chairman: T. Palin-Luc

15:00 W. Hinterberger, O. Ertl, C. Gaier, H. Fleischer: Spectral Fatigue Analysis of Multiaxially Loaded Components

15:20 B. Maier, W. Richter, F. Duspiva: Light-weight design in heavy recycling machinery

15:40 P. Knoedel, F. Steidl, T. Ummenhofer: ‘Clean’ Sinusoidal Response vs. Speed in Fatigue Testing

16:00 M. Franulovi?, R. Basan, I. Prebil, M. Lengauer: Genetic algorithm implementation in Material Behaviour Simulation System

16:20 M. Entacher, G. Winter, T. Bumberger, I. Gódor, R. Galler: Measurement of Cutting Forces on Tunnel Boring Machines

16:40 A. K. Belyaev, V. A. Polyanskiy: Influence of hydrogen on the stresses in pipeline tube

17:00  Closing