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3rd Fatigue Symposium

The 3rd Fatigue Symposium Leoben, Lightweight Design will be held at the Montanuniversität Leoben near the city center of Leoben. The hotels, reserved for symposium participants, are shown below. Attractive rates were secured by the organisers.

Please make your bookings early to avoid any disappointment. Bookings are on first-come-first serve basis. The symposium organisers are not able to guarantee accommodation unless bookings are confirmed by the hotel. You have to book for yourself. To get on the hotel hompages you only have to click on the links.

Hotel Kongress

Hauptplatz 1
8700 Leoben

Tel.: 0043 (0)3842-46800
Fax: 0043 (0)3842-46433

Email:  office(at)hotelkongress.at  
Web:  http://www.hotelkongress.at 
Walking distance: approx 5 Min

Hotel Kindler 

Straussgasse 7-11
8700 Leoben

Tel.: 0043 (0)3842-43202 0
Fax: 0043 (0)3842-43203 6

Email:  hotel(at)kindler.at 
Web:  http://www.kindler.at
Walking distance: approx. 6 min

Gasthof Pichler

Bruckerstraße 110
8600 Oberaich

Tel.: 0043 (0) 3862 – 51418
Fax: 0043 (0) 3862 – 59940

Email:  info(at)gasthofpichler.at
Web:  http://www.gasthofpichler.at/ 
Distance: 12 km